Bold Expression 2

Thanks to those that had gone through the first part of this solution laden information. Making headway from where I stopped ealier will lead us to the next level of how you can come to the position of BOLD EXPRESSION of your enterpreneural gift. Now that you know that which you are to add value to for the world to know who you are, what you do and the purpose for which you do it then will follow persistence. A persistent person must be ready to make a lot of sacrifice. Gratification that will bring momentary pleasure must be posponed in place of pressure that will aid you to gather momentum. Stop borrowing debts you may enroll your generation to pay from your future.

Many young persons are more of disaster going somewhere to happen not because they did not acquire sound educational qualification, but majorly because they are looking for burden bearer in their relatives, government and friends, not minding the fact of age long principle of success ; “it is that success which you work for that lasts and multiplies”. It is that person that is persistent in any given responsibility that will eventually escape becoming a liability.

Another point that I must add to this piece is the need to avoid the herd mentality. Herd mentality commits people to hobnobbing with the crowd. Crowd soffocates dreams and destiny. Eventually, any road becomes a path to destination of the crowd. Crowd does not channel course of where to come from and where the leads to the destination. Ants, despite the fact that they are part of what human being do see as nuisance in the house have learnt to coordinate their life in a unique way. Ants have modelled a lifestyle that can check people heading to the doomsland and not to the dreamsland from getting there. Each of the department in the colony of ants knows what to do to bring about a wonderful future for their generation, each giving its best as a matter of commitment. A whole lot of lesson from the ants can make a huge difference.

Lastly on our menu is a charge that you should as a matter of commitment keep yourself abreast of trendy and transforming information on your field. Leaving information out of action a man takes is not more than making a scratch on the surface at success. Information should drive action targeted at success. Hope to see you soaring higher in your choosen endeavour.



Bold Expression

I am here again to share something I have found very germane with you. The information you will read through in the next few paragraphs is a product of close observation and experiences, both mine and that of others around me.

I have come to discover that successd in life is not restricted to some selected few. Not to the so called genius nor the perceived brilliant ones. Even if one is born with a silver spoon is not a guarantee to be a successful person. Making foray in to the murky water of negotiating your way through in life demands a difeerent approach from the traditional method of making it In life. To stay at the top, you do not achieve that by jumping but by climbing. That which will outstand you will be to strategically do your climbing.

You are a huge deposit of blessings and wonders! Have I said anything that sounds weird or unbelievable? To confirm that, watch out for those that were not as advantaged as you were few years back but are now far or steps ahead of where you were sometimes back. The only thing that must have taken place is their strategic ability in carving a niche for themselves at being outstanding. This can be carried out not using any prescribed template, nor any rule of thumb as the case may be.

As a wonder loaded human being, you look deep within yourself purposely to reach for that which distinguish you from other and they would demand of you to give them. That is your first enterpreneural gift. Mistake that is very common at this stage is that people always want to be come wealthily established without even considering the path that leads to success destination. Starting at a micro level will not bve a bad idea for any one that have discovered his entrepreneural gift or talent.

The next step is to keep ensuring that your gift is given a voice of expression. Intimidation will definitely come as side attraction but do not bow to it in any form. Make that expression a bold expression. Let it not be that you will be somewhere without being known for your ideals and values. I tell you, any time needs arises for some one oif your ilk, that bold expression will pratically emerge from the blues and give your concept a loud reverberation.

Another thing that must be given a high priority is your integrity. Your integrityt must be given consideration. Business can sometimes thrive on lies, but will not forever thrive on lies. Your words and actions must be matched towards the direction you are headed in life.

To be continued……


How not to Live Life

Life may be on the downward trend or may be on the upward trend most time, but it is sure not going to be on a frigid like trend. Changes will definitely subsist. To live life and at the same time enjoy the living has principles that musb go hand in hand with living, that without which life will be meaningless. I will start from ” self”.
Human being must not be so full of himself if he is to enjoy life. To every thing that exist are parts that are known to various individuals in part and not in a whole. The fraction known to somebody will definitely connect him with another person that knowa the other fraction. Life should be lived by having a value chain inter-relationship with our fellow human being. No man should assume that he knows all.

Another thing that is significantly notable is living by purpose. A prioritized living is purpose driven. Through purpose comes setting of priorities. Purpose tells of the direction that one would have to direct his energy and focus on.

Also on the list is being more of a listener than a talker. Talking has become habit of some people to the extent that their privacy is no longer commanding value because it is in the public domain. Everybody on the street can easily permutate the next move of one’s life.
To be continued

The Potency of Faith

Going by awe and beyond human imagination score card of faith, one would not but have a thumb up at the thought of what faith can bring about. Faith, a crazy and stubborn, but positively staunch unwavering stance on believes can never be under-estimated. Innovations, inventions, creative ability are all premised on faith. The begining with faith is always looking seemingly impossible, but not at the point of persistence,consistence, and believe will faith dissapoint. Faith is a thin, but somewhat invinsible cord that links dreams to manifestation of dreams. To start enjoying the benefit of faith, one must know the custodian of faith first, God. He is to be known through just one source. Part. 2 will take us to the concluding part of this life transforming information.

Answers that you’ve been looking for!

Here comes the plartfom where you can get indepth information on different life rattling challenges. You are not neant to keep to yourself whenever it seems you are alone. A shoulder to lean on may not always be there, but I tell here is the plartform to be anytime. Have a great moment!