Why You Need Street Sense

Some people have described everything that has to do with the street as hooliganism, thuggery and any kind of evil you can think of. Street sense is a proverbial way of describing ones depth of understanding in his domain and endeavour. Street being imported into the business discussion here is a proverbial parlance that must be comprehended beyond the literary perspective. Narrowing it down to literary interpretation connotes misinterpretation of what street sense.

Many businesses fail, not because of lack of capital, expertise, nor is it because of intimidating business school MBA’s, but majorly because of lack of understanding of the interrelated environmental variables that should naturally propel business if well harnessed. A lot of business executive bask in adulation of academic credentials in MBA this and risk analysis that, time have shown that recording success in business venture is more than that.

It is a common thing seeing some business executive handing over sack letter to their employees without getting to know or understand the real problem of inefficiency. The employee may go but the problems get multiplied and remains. What a monumental error! We want to explore the importance and need of street sense in this piece. Join me as we make great discovery together.

Society is dynamic and so is the need of its makeup, the human being. As a business executive, you have given youself to understand the demand, but you are blind to the trend in the sector you are operating, modification, additional value being craved for, taste and other sensitive variables. Business should be seen to be humanlike, having feelings, responding to comments and trends, will be jilted if it is not churning out attractive products. Why wouldn’t you give your business the attention catchy value, look, contant and media presentation that will be in high demand by all and sundry.

Also, there is always a medium that you should adopt to communicate your business appropriately to your target audience. If they are using females in a degenerated way to model for advert, then you had better use your product to show the positive value of females that must be promoted. Do not be a hooping on the bandwagon business personnel. Following the crowd may eventually be too risky to recover from the damages inccure when you eventually discover.

Appreciate your faithful customers from time to time. Let your products and services not only meet their physical need, but also their psychological need. Be rest assured that you have advert executives indirectly employed into your organisation whan you are able to strike balance on that.

The last thing I want to share with you here is having a feed back mechanism. Customers looks out for a business person that will be available to meet their needs all the time and as well listen to either their complaints os commendation. Give them your ear(listening) time and you will see your petronage assuming an upward swing.

Till I come your way again, do have a strategic advantage above your competitors.

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We Suffer The Blow Of The Robber

Inflicted on us by the cabals. All over the sector they permeate. Agenda to never surrender. In the exploiting of our resources.

Who are the cabals?
Holding us by the jugular The brawl have lasted for hours. Even unending into years. Where are the philosopers? Succour is our cry YOU hear

When the integrity pillar becomes a liability.
Where else can we look into? For unending hope seems dim. Diming may last for now.
In the morning it shall all diminish.
Alas! The crash of the cabal.

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The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, a global word on the lips of almost evrybody has become what people say more than do. Being a venture into a relatively new line of value creation, entrepreneurship is what people must give a shot at. Value created by entrepreneurs compensate for their effort when people come to see the essence of their effor. This text is meant to address the making of an entrepreneurs. The word “poor was once defined by a friend, Adams Olalekan as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Being poor have been identified to be the making of some people as a result of passing over arrays of opportunities without making concerted effort at exploring it. For an entrepreneur to be made, the followings has to be or put in place;

Seek for Opportunities: Enterpreneurs are not 7 to 4 people that are interested in paper pushing. Widening their horizon to seeking for opportunities is their main attribute. As long as problem exists everywhere and solving them is to be done by man, an entrepreneur then emerges in the picture. He sees that opportunities lies in problem. Solution sought and made available meant seeking for opportunity and making good use of opportunity.

Add Value to Opportunities: To be compensated for effort made by an entrepreneur on any opportunity, value must have been added to such opportunity. Value added determines how your effort is perceived in the eyes of the prospective customer. Would he be willing to pay for your effort or it will be outrightly rejected is determined by the worth of value added.

Sustain your Effort by not Relenting: There is always a period of downturn for every venture, either in business or otherwise. This period of downturn will definitely discourage and sway entrepreneurs but only the dogged and swahbuckling entrepreneurs can sustain the tempo. Entrepreneurs must be ambidexterous in action when the chips are down.

Focus on the Customers: having ones focus on the customers shows that an entrepreneur is set to render customer value based oriented services. After the specification of customers needs must have been known, a good entrepreneur will proceed to making such available to the delight of the customers. He will ensure that customers are made the number one priority.

Treat Customers as Kings: Being in business is likened to being under the command of a king. He dictates what he wants as the case may be and expects his request to be met with immediate celerity. A king’s order must be given optimum priority and taken with a touch of meeting specified needs. With this in mind, customers will feel important, feel comfortable to do business with you and onwardly make recommendations to their fellows of your royal treatment.

Create Competitive Advantage: Uniqueness in style and touch have made some businesses to record astronomical rise in sales, making them to be toast of many where other in their mould of business are not considered. Competitive advantage will definitely position an entrepreneurs as a no push over business person. There must be something(s) customers must look out for in your products as far as your line of bvusiness is concerned.

The making of an entrepreneur continues in the subsequent post

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