Why You Need Street Sense

Some people have described everything that has to do with the street as hooliganism, thuggery and any kind of evil you can think of. Street sense is a proverbial way of describing ones depth of understanding in his domain and endeavour. Street being imported into the business discussion here is a proverbial parlance that must be comprehended beyond the literary perspective. Narrowing it down to literary interpretation connotes misinterpretation of what street sense.

Many businesses fail, not because of lack of capital, expertise, nor is it because of intimidating business school MBA’s, but majorly because of lack of understanding of the interrelated environmental variables that should naturally propel business if well harnessed. A lot of business executive bask in adulation of academic credentials in MBA this and risk analysis that, time have shown that recording success in business venture is more than that.

It is a common thing seeing some business executive handing over sack letter to their employees without getting to know or understand the real problem of inefficiency. The employee may go but the problems get multiplied and remains. What a monumental error! We want to explore the importance and need of street sense in this piece. Join me as we make great discovery together.

Society is dynamic and so is the need of its makeup, the human being. As a business executive, you have given youself to understand the demand, but you are blind to the trend in the sector you are operating, modification, additional value being craved for, taste and other sensitive variables. Business should be seen to be humanlike, having feelings, responding to comments and trends, will be jilted if it is not churning out attractive products. Why wouldn’t you give your business the attention catchy value, look, contant and media presentation that will be in high demand by all and sundry.

Also, there is always a medium that you should adopt to communicate your business appropriately to your target audience. If they are using females in a degenerated way to model for advert, then you had better use your product to show the positive value of females that must be promoted. Do not be a hooping on the bandwagon business personnel. Following the crowd may eventually be too risky to recover from the damages inccure when you eventually discover.

Appreciate your faithful customers from time to time. Let your products and services not only meet their physical need, but also their psychological need. Be rest assured that you have advert executives indirectly employed into your organisation whan you are able to strike balance on that.

The last thing I want to share with you here is having a feed back mechanism. Customers looks out for a business person that will be available to meet their needs all the time and as well listen to either their complaints os commendation. Give them your ear(listening) time and you will see your petronage assuming an upward swing.

Till I come your way again, do have a strategic advantage above your competitors.

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Author: 360degreesolutionnetwork

Adebayo Adeyemi Michael, is a budding writer, Management and Human Resources expert. He was at Ekiti State University for his first degree and also holds National Diploma in Marine Engineering. Michael is a certified S.T.C.W '95 trained person from Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and Center for Management Development, Nigeria, certified entrepreneurship and management expert. Michael had his National Youth Service Scheme carried out in one of the villages of Benue State in Nigeria. During his service year, he was engaged by the World Bank for two consecutive time to monitor polio immunization exercise compliance rate. His quest to ensure a reduced disaster prone and litter free environment. made him to serve as National Emergency Management Agency Vanguard during his National Youth Service year. More to his academic laurels is his pursuance of Masters degree in Business Administration. Michael is devoted to ministering life unto the dying souls. He has two published books already making waves: Mate or Wait? Positive Approach to Sexuality and Wrong Expressions of Sex and 50 Purity Tips.