ALL THAT IS IN MY HEART The rushing joy of having you Right at the center of my world Your thought dominate my heart My heart whispered to my brain I would not have had it better   My heart becomes mussy because of the massive impression of your love Can I make an expression of the feeling A mighty rushing joy of how it feels There is more to all that is in my heart But still on the point of loving you   Take a gaze at my face See through my face into my heart Can you make up a world I have built Just for you and I to dwell We will make a model of what love is all about   It is not going to end at all Through eternity is our love Romeo and Juliet were in the past Volumes is still voiced about the lovebirds Ours can be an outstanding exception   Yes we can truly live on Building our foundation on LOVE The one without which we are lost Making our love not to be lust Helping us to be a true model The Living Well of love in my heart I have made the statement on my face