‎​Focusing on Purpose1 Friday,March 22nd,2013 1st Samuel:17:32a David said to Saul, let no man’s heart fail because of this Philistine. Focus on purpose happens when there is clear understanding of what purpose is. Purpose. Purpose gives reason for living and focusing on it adds meaning to living. To fulfill purpose there must be a well coordinated focus that is subjected to the direction of the Holy spirit. There are steps that are needed in order not to shift focus from the ultimate Goal, Christ. Dedication, 2nd Tim 2:4 talks about not getting entangled in the civilians affair. Dedication to things that matters will not make issues of life to be mostly paramount as we come across them. We are charged to live by purpose and survive on purpose. There’s a post for everyone to operate his or her purpose from. How dedicated have we all been at our post? Will Christ seek our duty report and say thumbs up, or otherwise? Dedication is rewrading only if we can pay the price by having faith in what we are dedicated to. Discipline is also an essential thing that enhances focus. Joseph saw it before he became it and that made him to stubbornly focus on purpose. Gen. 39:8. His master’s wife did all within her effort to sway him from focusing on purpose but he would not bargain for crumbs. Why would you give in to invitation that will lead you to loose focus. Drinking in the name of not to be seen as a small boy have led a lot to dashing their hopes of fulfilling purpose. Also, blending with the crowd is another cancerous evil that’s left many staring into the blank future without a clue. Discipline does not kill, but strengthens. The momentary gratification chokes the future benefits if discipline is sacrificed for pleasure. Focus on purpose and you shall get there! Endeavour to bless someone by sharing this message. Wishing you a splendid day. Also, visit www.360degreesolutionnetwork.wordpress.com for previous devotional messages.


‎​‎​Focusing on Purpose2 Tuesday,March 26th,2013 1st Samuel:17:32a David said to Saul, let no man’s heart fail because of this Philistine I have discovered that purpose have become one of the most misunderstood concept in life. People swap things that are of no importance to their life and life of other aroud them with purpose. It is no purpose if it is not contributing positively to humanity. To some, making money, becoming popular, acquisitions of degrees and some other life events is what purpose is all about. My statement doesn’t mean I’m against being successful in life. Fulfilling purpose is actually when you’re succeding where you are meant to. Have you taken your time to know that calling, where your purpose fulfilment lies. Ask God through prayers, do something with your gifts, dig for it in the Word and focus as you’ve found it. When no destination is not on one’s radar, being swayed and tossed is inevitable. Being focused in fulfilling purpose means that you are loyal to your future more than you’re doing to your past. David used the testimony in his story to showcase God’s glory. Let your past only empower your future no matter how bleak it was . A focused person will not negotiate for anything short of glory. Peple will come your way with the Saul’s offer,1st Samuel 17Vs 38 but never back down by accepting extra luggage that will cost you the victory. Focusing on your purpose is a profession and action boud mission. Shake off weariness and go for victory because God must receive the glory. Do have a victory spiced day. Please, endeavour to rebroadcsat and share this message. God bless you. You can visit www.360degreesolutionnetwork.wordpress.com for more life transforming msgs nd Information. Twitter Handle:@4losolution

50 Positive Qualities 1. A beautiful smile! 2. A thoughtful mind. 3. The use of good manners. 4. The ability to receive a compliment. 5. The ability to give a compliment. 6. Self respect. 7. Self discipline. 8. Being trustworthy to yourself and others. 9. Non-judgmental of yourself and others. 10. Open minded. 11. Calmness when faced with adversity. 12. Understanding of yourself and others. 13. Polite even when others are not. 14. Flexible when things have changed. 15. Optimistic when surrounded by pessimism. 16. Kind to people who don’t deserve it. 17. Accepting of yourself and others. 18. Feeling lovable no matter what. 19. Resourceful during a time of need. 20. Awareness of your surroundings. 21. Mindful of your own needs. 22. Enthusiastic when times are hard. 23. Responsibility for yourself at all times. 24. Comfortable in your own skin. 25. Confident in who you are. 26. Ambition to be your best self. 27. Motivation to live your best life. 28. Courageous in the face of difficulty. 29. Boldness when faced with a new challenge. 30. Compassionate for yourself and others. 31. Dependable. 32. Healthy inside – fit on the outside. 33. Gentle with yourself and others. 34. Satisfied with your choices in life. 35. Self controlled when faced with controversy. 36. Maturity when dealing with childish situations. 37. The ability to relax and have a little fun. 38. Assertive when confronted with pushy people. 39. The ability to be a great friend. 40. Hopeful when faced with at hopeless situation. 41. Beautiful on the inside. 42. Participate in personal growth. 43. Reliable. 44. The ability to be teachable. 45. The desire to learn. 46. Financial intelligence. 47. Realistic. 48. Determination to fix things you don’t like. 49. Generosity to yourself and others. 50. Creative.

Spiritual Maturity 15th March, 2013 Ephe:4:14a That henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, Mediocrity and spiritual hypnotism is taking center stage of the church activities gradually. People are no longer being filled with the Words, but rather with the manipulated word. Doctrines and precedents is being used to replace Christ, the rallying point of our faith. Even, some have gone far in beleiving that other congregations are no better to theirs. A man of God once said that instead of having faith in a pastor, the God of the pastor should have been trusted with our faith. That does not take away the place of honouring our spiritual leaders, but we must be careful at deifying them, not forgeting that they are human. The moment you are being told anything different from the word of God discard the message and hold on to the truth that God says concerning your situation. God’s purpose for man is the same for all. God is not interested in your denomination, doctrine, stance, but faith in Him. Faith that sees God as all in all. I have heard Christians interpreting the scripture in a very funny way, claming that being wealthy is wrong! Spiritual vitamin deficiency I call such. Becoming so carnal to the point of beleiving that Godly riches is a sin. Making Christ the focus of our faith helps in opening our spuritual consciousness to the truth in religion, doctrine and life itself. Your maturity in God is a function of your prosperity.

Becoming a Kingdom Right Activist. 12th March, 2013 Daniel 3:16 Sedrach, Mesach and Abed-nego, answered and said to the king, o Nebubchadnezzar we are not caredul to answer the in this matter. Becoming a street fighter in the name of activism is one of the things you see and you get amused. People fight the battle of life with their strength and power, thinking that every battle could be won by shouting, cursing, name calling and the likes. Every kingdom right activist needs spritual arsenal. King Nebuchadnezzar was a king that had his kingdom hijjacked by the cabals. They were dictating the pace of evil and gradually leading him to exterminating the people of God. It became important for the Hebrews on exile to defend their Kingdom right, 1st Peter 2:9. They were pushed to the wall and there was no one on their side. I can not imagine the magnitude of evil that is being perpetrated against you today, I do not want to know the dimension through which they are coming or they have been mounting pressure against you, I know your kingdom right is endangered. You can as well silence your adversary by becoming a kingdom right activist. First step to becoming a kingdom right activist is not to compromise. Daniel and his three friends mentioned in the text did not compromise their stand because of the kings largesse. Daniel 1:8. The problem of faith you’re facing is only a passing phase, do not let it phase you out of God’s help. The three Hebrew did not worship false god for the Great God. God created everything and He warned us not to worship lesser God. As kingdom right activist, one is meant to be bold of confessing God anywhere and everywhere. God did actually show up when He saw the absolute faith reposed in Him. Let God show up for your sake as well, have faith in Him and it shall be well with you in all situation. Fell free to rebroadcast this devotional message. God bless you as you do so. Ff on twitter and I’ll ff Back:@4losolution. Take charge today!

Your Primary Responsibility Matthew 10:6-7 But go to the lost sheep of the house of Isreal. And as you go,preach,saying,the kingdom of heaven is at hand. There is no such a man that hates responsibility and will become a celebrity. People are seeking to become celebrity, but abhors responsibility. What a contradiction? Jesus gave power to His disciples to do the work of ministering life to the lost and restoring the dying souls. The power was not meant for show off, neither was it for ego tripping, but to find the lost. This was a charge to minister restoration and repentance. You go by the togga “Born again”, but you do not want to take responsibility. Was it not someone that ministered or interceded on your behalf before your restoration? It is high time you became aware of the efficacy and utilisation of the power given to you the very day you accepted Christ. The power comes with responsibility to help the lost. Do not be like the proverbial eagle hatched by hen and had soaring potential but was perching on the dung hill. You do not need a pulpit, nor a physical structure to help restore the lost, but the power of God. You’ve been given the power, activate it, utilise it, and leave the perfection and the finishing to God. God bless you as you do the work of the evangelist. Good morning and have a wonderful weekend. Endeavour to rebroadcast this message. Thanks You can follow me on twitter:@4losolution