Leadership: Call to Salvation Before Call to Service 2 27th April,201 Luke 4:13 Then Jesus went back full of and under the power of the Holy Spirit into Galilee, and the fame of Him spread through the whole region round about. Salvation of any soul is meant to be followed by sanctification and then endowment of the power of the Holy Ghost. Service will easily be made rubbish of if things are not done the way it should have been done. Devil knew how important the period of sanctification was and that was why he made strong but eventual futile attempt to get at the assignment of Jesus. I have discovered that moment of waiting on God is always that time that the devil like to strike. The flesh is always weak and the spirit will be at alert. Capitalising on the weakness of the flesh is his major focus. Devil’s trickery and subtility comes in form of what the flesh lust after. Stubbornly focusing on the goal and ignoring the devil by telling him off is needed at such moment. Devil most times would not block ones going, but do usually go against going far in achieving purpose. In any leadership capacity, going far to the point of fulfilling heaven’s mandate is a must. Do not ignore the waiting and learning time as a leader. Be focused and sensitive at such moment. Yield your members totally to God and He will sustain you when you are frail and weak. Spiritual alertness is aided during the waiting period. Kindly help rebroadcast this devotional message. God shall keep blessing you. Do have a great weekend. Twitter handle:4losolut­ion


Because of Those Lives Bumpy rickety the journey goes. like a proverbial dark tunnel. Would there ever be light you wondered? Hope of hitting the bull’s eye. Priorities on the card. Harbinger of hope those lives tightly hanged on. Would this ever yield result? But those lives must smile. Can those bones ever live again? Oh yes, they will surely do. Your voice of hope. Our hands on the deck. Because of those lives Going the whole hog is an option. Tenderly touching those dry bones. Total restoration of lost hope. Working around the clock is a must. Those lives could be precious if we act.

Leadership: Call to Salvation Before Call to Service 26th April,201 Luke 4:13 Then Jesus went back full of and under the power of the Holy Spirit into Galilee, and the fame of Him spread through the whole region round about. I want to draw a vivid caption from the life and time of Jesus in driving home my explanation of the order life of a leader should chronicle. Jesus showed example of how a leader should be in conduct and preparation for task ahead. Call to salvation became necessary for everyone seeking to serve others because it is the core determinant of rendering valuable service. People will rejoice when the rejoice is in the position of leadership and groan when evil minded ones rule. Jesus, despite the fact that He was without sin subjected himself to the rudimentary approach of basics needed before leadership mantle was wielded. Tittle before mantle is spiritual aberration. Through salvation, and sanctification comes power to function duely in leadership office. Results we get in the world today is an evidence of the fact that many of the so called leaders are only in leadership capacity accidentally. They are bereft of what it takes to function in the office they are occupying. Leadership is all about service and not majorly about office. Office is an insignificant aspect of leadership. A leader wielding authority in the name of tittle without mantle is in for a terrible and chocking battle. Subject yourself to the process of emerging as a Godly endowed leader; Salvation first and others will follow. Good morning and enjoy your day. Please kindly help rebroadcast this message. Twitter handle:@4losolutio