Bring Back Our Values

The Campaign of “bring back” started with bring back the book by Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led Campaign of bring back the book which was launched 20th December, 2010. I could remember, seeing the President reading from a book to the listening pleasure of social media addicted generation. I do not want to be a pessimist that will adjudge the campaign one of the much publicized pipe C we have had in the past. I want to believe that if it is only one person that the campaign could touch positively, then it was worth it even if it was pursued in 9figure naira numerics. I equally want to believe that history will be on the side of my dear President as a sitting President that publicly preach about the need for all and sundry to bring back the book.
For like a month, the trend of “bring back our girls” is spreading like a wild fire. The abduction of over 200 future mothers, in a clandestine and wicked manner in the North Eastern State of Borno, Chibok in Nigeria has gone beyond borders of Nigeria and it has become issue of global concern. World leaders, International Organisations, global awareness chauvinists, human right activists, (Although I see majority of them more as attention seekers and social failure gap manipulators) and social media adherents have all assisted in one way or the other to push forward the campaign, #bringbackourgirls. My first facebook post on the all time most trending bring back was #BringBackOurGirlsAlive. I decided to go a step further in asking that they should not only be brought back, but it should be alive because of my respect for life. I strongly believe that our values must drive us in addressing the wicked abduction and not the need to be heard neither the opportunity for some self serving individuals to reconstruct their dilapidated political goodwill. It is clearly apparent that some individuals with dwindwiling political image are exploiting the #BringBackOurGirls campaign to relaunch themselves.

Now, let us come to #BringBackOurValues. One of our values that I am eagerly looking forward that it should be brought back is respect for human existence. People are becoming overtly touchy at slightest provocation that they can go all the way to hack their fellow human being down. I recently read in the News paper of how a lecturer was shot in his office by a yet to be apprehended gun man. There is this Yoruba adage that says, “ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fifo”, meaning beheading is not the solution to headache. I was once promised failure by my lecturer, who incidentally would not renege on carrying out act wickedness of such magnitude. His failure threatning promise to me made to look up to God, because my help comes from Him alone. The same lecturer was the one that God used for me to break the limit set against me. What a testimony!

Before our hope of #BringBackOurValues is rendered old fashioned, there is need for each and everyone of us to align ourselves with the golden rule of “ do unto others what you would want others to do to you”. Let us start unadulterated value inculcation at the family level by not giving up on the manifestation of a better tomorrow. When you are hoping for a better tomorrow all your preparation should tend towards preparing a better you. A better you is the first shot at creating a positive value based society. A society where love is the centre piece of human relations. I have long discovered that one of the areas where we have badly felt the impact of our values erosion is in being our brothers keepers. Political dimension has become a common feauture in addressing almost every issue in our society. I know that there is hardly no issue without political perspective if it will be analysed in such purview, but must we always subject analytical posturing of bad politics to every issue in the public domain?

#BringBackOurValues is the next public and peaceful campaign I am recommending to all the moment the abducted girls regain their freedom. I strongly exercise my faith that the abducted girls will be brought back alive and our land shall be returned to the path of peace, progress and unity.


Author: 360degreesolutionnetwork

Adebayo Adeyemi Michael, is a budding writer, Management and Human Resources expert. He was at Ekiti State University for his first degree and also holds National Diploma in Marine Engineering. Michael is a certified S.T.C.W '95 trained person from Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and Center for Management Development, Nigeria, certified entrepreneurship and management expert. Michael had his National Youth Service Scheme carried out in one of the villages of Benue State in Nigeria. During his service year, he was engaged by the World Bank for two consecutive time to monitor polio immunization exercise compliance rate. His quest to ensure a reduced disaster prone and litter free environment. made him to serve as National Emergency Management Agency Vanguard during his National Youth Service year. More to his academic laurels is his pursuance of Masters degree in Business Administration. Michael is devoted to ministering life unto the dying souls. He has two published books already making waves: Mate or Wait? Positive Approach to Sexuality and Wrong Expressions of Sex and 50 Purity Tips.