Proverb 7:8
Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

Show me a man that is flourishing in fulfilling purpose and I will tell you someone that has fully maximized usage of God given resource to everyone. There is no one that does not have time at his or her disposal. How we choose to use our time now determines how the end of every beginning in our lives will be. A paper work of five minutes has its own end that if properly done there will be better outcome.

What has God placed in you hands today? How have you been doing that assignment? It is always good to have profitable accomplishment in view before embarking on any endeavor. You do not have more than 24 hours to accomplish your daily mission, but you can maximize your time to get the better ending out of the day. 

It may sound to you like rocket science, but it is not at all, that you can accomplish greatness if you consistently channel your energy to the God given purpose for your life. Start now and the end is sure to be profitable.



Author: 360degreesolutionnetwork

Adebayo Adeyemi Michael, is a budding writer, Management and Human Resources expert. He was at Ekiti State University for his first degree and also holds National Diploma in Marine Engineering. Michael is a certified S.T.C.W '95 trained person from Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and Center for Management Development, Nigeria, certified entrepreneurship and management expert. Michael had his National Youth Service Scheme carried out in one of the villages of Benue State in Nigeria. During his service year, he was engaged by the World Bank for two consecutive time to monitor polio immunization exercise compliance rate. His quest to ensure a reduced disaster prone and litter free environment. made him to serve as National Emergency Management Agency Vanguard during his National Youth Service year. More to his academic laurels is his pursuance of Masters degree in Business Administration. Michael is devoted to ministering life unto the dying souls. He has two published books already making waves: Mate or Wait? Positive Approach to Sexuality and Wrong Expressions of Sex and 50 Purity Tips.