Genesis 9:7
And you, be ye fruitful, bringforth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.

LIFE has always been described as “live in free enterprise”. That is according to my own school of thought. I decided to align this my school of thought with God’s benevolence to mankind as far as LIFE is concerned. God has given everyone peculiar assignment. If you are already aware of your own assignment, the question is what is your level of impact in accomplishing your mission.

It is imperative you do self audit on how enterprising you have been in the last one month. By doing so, you are checking your impact meter. In other words, you are doing self assessment. Fruitfulness is something Jesus does not treat lightly, 2nd Peter 1:8. You must be fruitful as your Father in heaven is.

I decree concerning your life, you shall experience all round fruitfulness in Jesus name. Check your impactmeter to know if you are on course of fulfilling 2015 assignment. Happy new month.

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