Give me some slack
No more attack
Could it be a mark?
I ask again
Is that the mark you want to make?

Tell tale here and there
People made them happen
It lives on after them
Not by greatness
It is a gaze on the success

Statute of liberty
A monument of pride and victory
Posturing and grandstanding on corruption
A monument of shame and failure
Obscurity of our hard won popularity

Effort not to desire
Since we are not tired
Monument not to bequeath
Legacy we don’t want to see
Never to be back in the doldrums

Collective interest becomes personal one
Open engagement becomes secret manipulation
Truth on the reverse gear
Planting fear on every heart
Solely for the heir of mismatch

They keep quiet when they should keep talking
They keep looking when they should keep observing
They keep sharing when they should be saving
They keep looting when they should be building
Gathering of dust, the monument erects.

Let it be echoed
Why will it be, some asked
No more will it be some wished
Was the marriage contracted in error
Time have told us enough

Monument turned to sacrament
The sacred cows celebrates
Sacrificial lambs they prosecute
Monuments of failure
Let it not pass integrity test

©#AMAS.  2015