The current statelessness of Osun is one thing that is saddening to some of us that followed the electioneering campaigns that ushered the current administration into government. Ogbeni Raufu Adesoji Aregbesola, the current non performing Governor of the State of Osun recently made attempt at salvaging remains of his badly dented image through his media aide, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, that he has performed well as a Governor. My understanding of performance spawns over two decades and to the best of my knowledge there is always measuring yardsticks to adjudge performance. The case of Ogbeni is akin to that of a proverbial lizard that jumped from a tree and went berserk in self adulation as if it has done what no other animal in its ilk have done. It is important to intimate the proverbial lizard in Ogbeni Governor that there are other tinier animals that are not only jumping but flying. Ogbeni, in his first term was busy engaging in re-nomenclaturing of everything in the state. He rechristened Osun State to the State of Osun and also had so many ‘O’ tagged programmes to the detriment of conducting government business prudently and astutely. Ogbeni’s performance dossier is in the public domain for everyone to see and to the best of my performance yardstick evaluation, he is a failure.

Beyond doing the talk is working the talk. One thing I can shower accolades on Ogbeni Raufu about is his aptness for verbal vituperation and jalopy dancing to the tunes of local Fuji music. Ogbeni Governor seems to be an expert in singing and dancing than effecting good governance. I was jolted by the level of arrogance on display by Ogbeni, who is still deceiving himself with self allusion of good governance. Just this year, I have received first hand news of some avoidable death of Osun State pensioners. Also in my knowing is a retired civil servant that had his two children University education on hold because of his inability to pay their school fees. I feel pained to reel out just two of many pathetic occurrences that have been sweeping through the once resourceful state of the living spring, no thanks to Ogbeni Raufu clueless posturing. Worst of Mr. Governor’s off key move is the rubbishing of existing legacy of dignity in labour. Thuggery among school pupils and political intolerance have been institutionalized in the state.

It is high time Ogbeni Raufu sees governance as a serious business, or better still he should resign if he is bereft of ideas to bail the state out of the current economic mess. All the ‘O’ policies have been reduced to ‘O’ rubbish and are mere slogans that were meant to cosmetically give the state fake performance perception. I wished the state did not trade her nomenclature from Osun State to “Pathetic” State of Osun.


Author: 360degreesolutionnetwork

Adebayo Adeyemi Michael, is a budding writer, Management and Human Resources expert. He was at Ekiti State University for his first degree and also holds National Diploma in Marine Engineering. Michael is a certified S.T.C.W '95 trained person from Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and Center for Management Development, Nigeria, certified entrepreneurship and management expert. Michael had his National Youth Service Scheme carried out in one of the villages of Benue State in Nigeria. During his service year, he was engaged by the World Bank for two consecutive time to monitor polio immunization exercise compliance rate. His quest to ensure a reduced disaster prone and litter free environment. made him to serve as National Emergency Management Agency Vanguard during his National Youth Service year. More to his academic laurels is his pursuance of Masters degree in Business Administration. Michael is devoted to ministering life unto the dying souls. He has two published books already making waves: Mate or Wait? Positive Approach to Sexuality and Wrong Expressions of Sex and 50 Purity Tips.