In the midst of plenty
We have unending paucity
Dearth of our resources
We surrender our surplus
Dripping of our expectations

Somehow the situation seems
Cabals are at work
While our government are asleep
High level of larceny
It is no longer at ease as it stands

They are stealing blind
They are stealing dry
We are watching them
Our leaders are helping them
Will our ocean stop flowing?

I ask again, will our ocean stop flowing?
Someone says, it can never
Another person says It will
Reeling out scientific chants
Categorically it will

A wake up call to a new nation
New course we have to cause
Changing not by chanting
Change that will be working
We need to be at ease

The way to go could be green
Haven’t we always been green?
Our heroes past did it with their grip on green
Cocoa stacks, groundnut pyramid and the likes
The way to go is not far

We were once there
We could still get there
May be beyond there
The ocean surge is our waterloo
To our leaders, let us not remain in the loo.

© #AMAS 2015