Sickening Whining

Bama bombed pale
Zaki Biam populace got sacked
Those that knows truly knows
Zuckeberg snoozed at your cry
That is your conclusion
Global tubes look the other way
What did your mean media tell the world?
Always latching on political stories
Propaganda to gag and kill
Image slighting in trade
What did your mean media tell the world?
They trade accusations
Against enemies of pay masters
Your land an unlively brand
That is the way we packaged it
Zucker zooms at the cause
Franco megaphone to the world
It is also part of change
Display picture for display flag
Solidarity he choose
Application was not sent
Optional it was made
Clanging empty cymbals
They choose to vituperate
Shey shey shame
Sickening whining unnecessary
Not even needed at all
No one will brand you Africa
Except you choose to
Not even the sickening whinners
I choose to shun their shame
While on display like a game
The world got sick watching
Shey shey shame
To all the sickening whinners
©Adeyemi Adebayo

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Changing Change: Witches and Wizards

Here it comes
Long awaited change
Darkness grip weakened
For nobody and for everybody
Sai Change! Sai Papa!
The way they want it to go
Or the way we want it to go
One to four and it will be done
I say Sai Change! Sai Papa
It is deliverance session
From the low we are dragging slowly
The wheel grinds
Rickety junkety rickety
Witches and wizards are back on the track
War war and jaw jaw
From the low we are moving slowly
The wheel grinds
Witches are siphoning our blood
While the wizards feast on the flesh
Division of labour not like our heroes past
Both ravages her soul from being green and white

Withchunting the witches for being witchful
Appointing the wizards for being wizardry
Beef for beef rolls
No dog for hot dogs
It can only be wholly to be wholesome
It can not be halfsome and appear wholesome
Sai Papa! Sai changing change
The way to go is the way to go
The way not to go should not be an option
Make a wholly change
Not there we go again
Here we go to gain
Global throttling in their company
The wizards wizzying winning
See the witches chanting witchunting
For our future gains
The witches must stop bewitching
The wizards must be sentenced for weeing weeing
Change apostles to stop deceiving
Change must be positive change.

©Adeyemi MICHAEL

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