My Jolly Funny Ride

It couldn’t have been
Clumsy itinerary
On a busy day
No need to yield

Must it pawn to be
More than for someone
More to many
The jolly good ride

I need a serious thought
For how long
Could this continue to be
Alas no I know

My response appears continuously
Same as it was
It couldn’t have been
But I’m given for others

The life I live
To please self
Or to ease other
That they may go further

Jolly good ride all the way
Buzzing bang bang
On the way I ply
Always to ease others




Who am I?

I came to being from the bin
Deeply from the dim
Shinning with a grin
Everyone seek to know
Who I truly am
Expedition of the bleeders
They soon got clues
Inkling to my forming
They found out my luxury
They came in droves
Mirror and gun powder were gifted
To kill my soul
To fail my memory
To see myself wrongly
Yes, I’m black
Black is very bad
I live in the jungle
Animals do likewise
I no longer know who I am
Frabjous they shout
Mission half accomplished
My mind darkly enslaved
My soul roughly ravaged
My person wrongly pushed
Shaw saw us
She did it for us
Post natal rituals
That nomenclature sticked till now



Because She’s Lovely

Long ago in my mind
Reeling out composure
For a capture of worth
That will be true wholly

Guess how I saw it
Simple crafted dimpled look
I was sure in for a big thing
Never to recover

Because she’s lovely
I’m set to find out what’s more
The basis of the revelations
Though little I have seen

I really can’t understand
I’m sure she’s truly lovely
Lovingly lovelier she’s always
Newly appearing each moment

Gone are the days
While I’ll be disturbed
What’s she brooding over
Could it be out of context

It was like never nor ever
Either here or there
One conclusion will always be
She’s truly lovely