Human Capital Positioning


Human capital to be defined succinctly means measure of the economic value of an employee or would be employee. It is mostly used for those that have been employed in an organisation or those with requisite value to be employed.

The crux of human capital positioning here will be narrowed down to the content of curriculum vitae.

My foray into Human Resources/Human Capital cum Personnel has opened my eyes to so many things that are not being done the right way and which people are not aware of. Ignorance has been the foundation of those things that are not being done right.
Let me give you a definition of ignorance;

Ignorance means important details that are ignored at ones peril.
Adeyemi, 2016
The cost of ignorance cannot be compared to the pains of learning. You may have to skip meals in the course of learning or even avoid watching your favourite football match, it is all for the gain that awaits you.

I encourage you to pay attention to details in this e-book and make the best out of it.
Note: The best you can be with human capital positioning is by adding value to yourself.

Your Name: Always start with your name and not Curriculum Vitae or CV. Use slightly bigger font
Your Address: Do not include two addresses. Be specific by nailing it with one address that is not cumbersome.
Your e-mail Address and Phone Number: You must take cognizance of how professional e-mail address is written. Your e-mail address must look like and not

Not essential, some employers like them and some don’t. Must be short and snappy i.e. no more than 2/3 sentences including relevant experience, qualifications, skills (but not a long list of them) and your career aim. Also note, the role you are applying for will determine the way and manner you will build your profile.

Your University course comes first including relevant modules and/or dissertation. Then your other qualifications such as A Levels and GCSEs, just a summary for GCSEs is all you need e.g. 9 WASSCE, A-Cs. Your class of degree can be a hot selling point for you. Although this may not be the case for everyone but to anyone with good grade, it will be a hot selling point.

By splitting your work experience into two sections you can really tailor your CV to the job and importantly locate your relevant work experience on the front page. For example, if you are applying for retail jobs put all your ‘Retail Experience’ in one section on the front page with ‘Other Experience’ In the second section.
All experience should be in reverse chronological order with the most recent and relevant first on the list of the experiences garnered over the years. You can include voluntary work experience.

You don’t need to include every bar job & supermarket you’ve ever worked in, but on the other hand you don’t want large gaps. If you have had lots of jobs, you could try grouping or summarising your experience.
For experience that may not be as relevant to the role, pull out the important aspect of the experience.

Yes, employers are interested, but just a paragraph will do. Try to show a variety of interests to catch an employer’s attention, but think about the impression your hobbies may give to your prospective employer.
Do not make up interest as it may be your waterloo if you are asked to defend that aspect of your CV.

‘Available upon request’ or two full references including name, job title, address, phone number and email. Always ask your referees first.

Types of CV
Chronological CVs

Below is an example of chronological CV
Jane Schiller
15B. Ground Floor Flat, Yoruba Road, Ebute Meta 080$£&#@£$$

Final year Environmental Science student passionate about conservation and the environment.
Extensive voluntary experience working for wildlife trusts in various capacities, including
marketing, website editing and writing press-releases. Looking for a position in a wildlife trust
to further develop skills in marketing and communications from July onwards.

Date of Birth:
State of Origin:

Ekiti State University 2012 – 2015
BA (Hons.) English and Music 2:1
Hill Top College, Lekki, Lagos 2005 – 2012
A Levels: English (B), Mathematics (C), Music (A)
Relevant Work Experience

Publishing Pro July 2014 – present
Marketing Assistant
Duties and skills:
• Event co-ordination: visiting prospective venues within Lagos, liaising with event coordinators
and representatives, analysing survey results.
• Creativity: copywriting for letters, e-shots, and posters.
• Attention to detail: managing lead data and the marketing stock database, proof reading
• Responsibility: creating and updating the marketing internet page, providing administrative support to the sales and marketing teams, dealing with enquiries by email and on the phone.

Studio Mix September 2013 – May 2014
Talent Hunt Officer
Duties and skills:
• Advertising: creating and sticking up posters, sending emails, creating programmes for
each concert on a weekly basis.
• Negotiation: liaising with musicians about set length, finding out biographies for
• Time-management: arriving early to set up chairs and equipment, ensuring each
performance does not overrun. Notifying staff in advance about pending concerts.
• Public speaking: presenting musicians to the audience and notifying the audience of
upcoming events.

I.T. Skills
• Very competent with computers and databases.
• Particularly familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Web.
• Conversant in English and Yoruba

Interests and Achievements
• Writing: Write for Success Digest (
• Music: Play drums in local bands and record music at home.
• Sport: Member of the university basketball team; Soccer Pundit on

Professor R.K.K Kayode
Management Building, Ekiti state University, Ado-Ekiti

Mr Joseph Nath
Studio Mix, Lagos, Tel: 08054549877

        Skills Based CV
Ayodeji Martins
10. Cole Close, Off Adaranijo Musa Road, Akure, Ondo State
A graduate of Business Administration with excellent marketing skills in areas such as customer prospecting, service feedback and after sales service, all developed during my Holiday Job in Insurance concern and Industrial Training Scheme. Able to communicate effectively to varied audiences through experience giving numerous presentations. Looking for a customer service executive job and to further develop my skills for impact making in your establishment.

Ekiti State University, BSc (Hons) Business Administration 2008 – 2011
Islahudeen High Ibadan 2001 – 2006
WASSCE: 9 A-C grades including Maths, Commerce and English

Key Skills
• Practical experience shared in marketing and marketing research class have shown to me that industrious disposition is a must skill and I have shown that over the years in my fews engagements
• PowerPoint presentations at university have improved my oral and written communication
skills, helping me to project my voice and speak clearly when addressing large audiences.
• Working as a policy marketer in an Insurance firm has helped sharpen my ability to communicate without hassles. I was voted ‘Best Marketer’ in June 2009 for excellent customer service.
• I have had to manage my time at university to meet multiple deadlines whilst I had several deadlines and also maintaining many sports hobbies. I frequently make lists, use an mobile phone diary and prioritise tasks.
• A range of university academic activities such as group term paper presentation and study group discussion have helped me develop team work skills, obtaining excellent marks in all projects.
• Confident in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint which I use on a regular
basis throughout my degree programme.

Work experience
May 2009 – June 2009, XYK Insurance, Policy Marketer
• Employed for aggressive policy marketing and other customer related services.

September 2010 – November 2010, Geek Consult, Administrative Intern
•Compiling of all the online correspondences from customers.
•Taking of online order and forwarding same to store for onward supply.
•Proper record keeping and backup.

Other Achievements
•Marketer of the month at XYK Insurance in a stint of two-month holiday job.
•Best overall performance in Marketing Research exam while in the university

Hobbies and Interests
Many of my hobbies revolve around sport including swimming, gymnastics and dance. I have a team of five individuals that bike once every year to raise money for out of school vulnerable children.

Referees Available on Request

How to Write a Good ‘Profile’
“I am a self-motivated, enthusiastic,
hard-working and very determined
individual with excellent communication and
team-working skills who thrives in a
challenging environment. Looking for a
position that will allow me to further my
career and build upon my existing skills”. ×

What is wrong with the above profile?
Let me simplify my response here, this profile is just like every other profile asking for any role without being specific or tailoring down your job quest to any specific position. I mean, the above profile is wishy washy, vague and hollow. It has long list of words with no evidence. Unfortunately, employees see this kind of CV everyday.

“A graduate of Business and Marketing
with one year’s experience of
business to business marketing. Excellent communication and
customer service skills from developing
relationships with clients at ‘Bank Industrial
Training’ to ensure repeat business transaction. In addition,
has 6 months retail experience, now looking for
an entry level marketing position with an
innovative retail company”.

What is right with the above profile?
This profile sells the personality of the prospective employee with evidences to show for it. The skill here is enunciated based on the work experiences.

ALWAYS INCLUDE A COVERING LETTER – Unless you are specifically told not to. ‘Applicants who include a covering letter with their CV are 10% more likely to get a reply’.

TAILOR IT TO THE JOB – focus on the essential and desirable criteria on the job specification. You may start with a standardised letter, but just like with your CV, unless you adapt it carefully to the job requirements it’s meaningless and can be a little annoying for the employer!

An employer won’t have time to read it and 1 page really is enough!

‘Applicants sending CVs and letters without spelling mistakes are 61% more likely to get a reply and 26% more likely to get an interview’.


Paragraph 1.
In your opening paragraph briefly describe your situation and where you saw the advert and specify the job you are applying for i.e. reference number (in case the recruiter has several jobs currently on offer).

Paragraph 2.
Focus in. Talk about your relevant skills and experience for the job – always focus on their key criteria/competencies. Then provide examples from part-time work and extra-curricular activities etc, highlighting EVIDENCE that you can actually do the job! You might say something like ‘I set out below how I meet your criteria’ and then take each key criteria in turn citing your evidence, so if communication skills were the first criteria and problem solving the next…
Communication skills: I regularly write reports and present these to tutors and other students in seminars. As a member of the debating society I take part in weekly debates and we have recently partnered with a school to help basic four pupils develop their debating skills. This has given me confidence and the ability to communicate effectively with different audiences.

Paragraph 3.
Articulate enthusiastically WHY you want to work for the company, what your motivation is and WHY you are interested in this particular post/sector. This will always require some research, you might find they are rolling out new and interesting products or services, they might have also been in the media recently.

Paragraph 4.
Sign off with a polite & positive ending, stating when you would be available for interview. Use ‘yours sincerely’ if you are addressing it to a named person or ‘yours faithfully’ if not. Ideally try to find a name, but with large organisations this is not always possible.
Ground Floor Flat
Sabogari Road
Ondo State
27th May 2015
The Human Resources Manager
Oxford University Press
Mokola Layout
Oyo State

Dear Sir/Ma
Re: Marketing Assistant (W07/076)
I am writing to apply for the position of Marketing Assistant as advertised on the Oxford University Press website, enclosed is my CV for your consideration. My past experience in marketing concern organisation have given me a strong interest in a marketing career.

My achievement at XYK Insurance can be replicated in a better magnitude going by different unique marketing experiences I have been exposed to. 

I am not only drawn to Oxford University Press because of its global reputation as a leading publisher, but also because of its focus on education. My recent experience as an undergraduate and ‘end user’ of academic journals such as Essays in Criticism and The Review of English Studies has sparked an interest in how they are produced and targeted. I welcome the opportunity to explore this further in a marketing role at Oxford Journals. As a result of my experience to date both professionally and academically, I believe that I could make a valuable contribution to Oxford University Press as a Marketing Assistant.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfuly
Joseph, Aboki

                     Speculative Covering Letter

When jobs are not advertised, this kind of cover letter can land you that hidden job in an organisation. Many organisations use press release of their task as a subtle means of advertising possible job openings.

10 Palm Place
Oxford OX1 2BA
10th April 2015
Project Director
Iperindo Gas Pipeline Project
Iperindo Open Court
Osun State

Dear Sir/ Ma,
I read with considerable interest the recent report in the Guardian Newspaper of Tuesday 8, 2016, describing Tetraco GasPro recent success in landing a contract to lay Gas pipeline from Akan Refinery to Iperindo Gas depot.

Your current business concern suggest that you may have a need for additional staff. I am attaching my CV from which you will see that I am a qualified and skilled Civil Engineer, with considerable experience in under water and surface Gas Pipeline laying, mostly gained in the engineering industry.

I would welcome an opportunity to find out more about opportunities you may have,
and will telephone you in a few days to hopefully arrange a meeting.

Yours faithfully,
Gbenga, Black

There are some Job openings that will require professional competence. Nearly all professional organisations have student membership admittance that students do not take opportunities to enrol in nowadays. Take your time today to boost your professional competence by registering with any professional body that is recognised both by the Government and corporate entities.

Beyond the content f your CV is the invincible hands of God, working in the background to favour you. Do not lean on your own understanding while applying for job, talk to God about your expectation and trust Him for a favourable outcome.

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©Adeyemi 2016


Author: 360degreesolutionnetwork

Adebayo Adeyemi Michael, is a budding writer, Management and Human Resources expert. He was at Ekiti State University for his first degree and also holds National Diploma in Marine Engineering. Michael is a certified S.T.C.W '95 trained person from Regional Maritime University, Accra, Ghana. He is a member of the Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria and Center for Management Development, Nigeria, certified entrepreneurship and management expert. Michael had his National Youth Service Scheme carried out in one of the villages of Benue State in Nigeria. During his service year, he was engaged by the World Bank for two consecutive time to monitor polio immunization exercise compliance rate. His quest to ensure a reduced disaster prone and litter free environment. made him to serve as National Emergency Management Agency Vanguard during his National Youth Service year. More to his academic laurels is his pursuance of Masters degree in Business Administration. Michael is devoted to ministering life unto the dying souls. He has two published books already making waves: Mate or Wait? Positive Approach to Sexuality and Wrong Expressions of Sex and 50 Purity Tips.