Women: Salt to the World

Thanks to Facebook for always making a pop on my wall everyday, flooding my wall with flow of reminiscences. I have always appreciated each of those reminiscents and I will continue to even if any turns out to be an ugly past. Most times, ugly past has a way of forcing one to be thankful to God for being an overcomer. 

So exceptional about today’s Facebook reminder is where it tends to, International Women’s Day. I love good women and I doff my hat for them. My knowledge of who a woman is emmanated from what my Bible tells me in Genesis 2 and Proverbs 31. Father Abraham saw her and said she is of his extract. To all the good women all over the world, I say to you all, you are good indeed. My affirmation is not because I have a beautiful and blessed woman in my life but because I have come to conclude that women are integral parts of the good side of this world.

At a time, I used to be nosy rossy about the purpose of having women in the world and each time I go on soliloquy inquiry I always ended up getting more questions staring me in

 the face. This went on for long and a time came I read about a woman’s price being far above rubies. What a revealing truth! I believe this truth because it is the word of God. 

Furtherance on the world women’s day is my one cent admonition to women all over the world. I am pleading with them to take possession of whatsoever treasure God has placed in their jurisdiction to manage. Your husband is one of the many treasures in your jurisdiction to manage and in getting the best out of every man is the place of wisdom. Women must be conscious of the role wisdom plays in family building. Rarest thing in the 21st century family is wisdom of home keeping. Women as a matter of responsibility is very germane to this call of buckling up in acquiring home keeping wisdom. Getting it right in this wise will bring about a fair world to live in.

By nature, women are great and highly influential. Their contribution to God’s purpose for human creation can not be downplayed irrespective of their errors in history. If you are a woman and true to your affirmation, you are a good woman, then you must continue carrying yourself with honorable gait.

Women; I celebrate your contributions to human race.

I celebrate your ingenuity.

I celebrate God’s grace upon you.

I celebrate your supportive role to your husband.

I celebrate your quality home building efforts.

I celebrate you African woman!