The Word of God 

Bible Reading

​Psalms  119:103 How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!  119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.  119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

The Psalmist can not be further from the truth with his assertion of the wonder working nature of God’s word. Quote me anywhere, Words of God is more than all the earthly powers put together. According to the book of John 1:3 All things were made by the Word and without him was anything made that was made. Hallelujah! I want to congratulate anyone that is saying YES to the Word of God and to tell you that you ain’t making mistake.

David overcame Goliath by speaking the Word of victory ahead of the manifested victory. Jesus is the Word. No wonder the Bible says the Word became flesh and dwell among us. If you are a true Christian and you trivialise the Word of God, either spoken through His servant or written in the Bible, you are doing yourself no good.  Sarah thought it was a mere fable that she was going to become pregnant and the Bible says she laughed. Thanks to God for His unfailing mercy that saved Sarah from incuring God’s wrath. She went ahead to become mother of the covenant child, Issac. 

Study the Bible today and you’ll start working and walking  in God’s light in Jesus’ name. Also, your understanding of God’s Word will impact your wisdom base significantly.

I pray for you that the Word of God will start working wonders in your life in Jesus’ name. Rejoice and rejoice evermore. 


I Choose to Love Always

Theirs is a jot
Mine is a lot
Love like no other
May be I’m emulating
The Carpenter’s Son

Emotionally erotic
Bombastically displayed
Love rush and flash it goes
Everything is red
To show love or to kill it

With or without my whitely red
I remain a true lover
I also want to be better at it
Beyond a day show
From the extract redemption brought

I want to spread love
Not only on Valentine
The pristine love I show
So scarcely seen
But very real with me

With or without saint thing
I choose to be allowed
With my love and conduct
Loving truly and megally
Can’t give enough of love

Someone want to know
If I can die for love
Heroic pontification like valentine
Ho yes, I can
But Someone took my place

He gave me reasons
More than enough reasons
Not to die for love
I choose to love always
I live because of His love


Voiceless Entity

Don’t scam me
I won’t do
Don’t touch me
I won’t do
Don’t grab me from under
Why will I abuse your person

Come a twist
I never knew
Touching tenderly lovely
Touching sweetly savoury
I will not say no and I will not say yes
It is a wicked gentle touch

Tell other thieving bellies
I am available for more touch
I no longer complain
Meal and fowl is my price
You can dazuki if you like
I will not complain
You can gazette the touch
I will not scream
I can moan
In ecstatic disbelieve

Nationhood is worthless
The touch is sweet and tender
A crumb is enough
Do away with the figure
Tell me the impossibilities
Yes, you can

We can manufacture homo specie
A thorough breed of sapiens
Crafty and crazy
Wise and wicked
Bleeding from our collective resources
Comedy state
One day one joke
One day many drama

We don’t ask questions
No demand is placed on them
We fear for our lives
The touch is no longer sweet
It now sweating

You deserve to ask
You deserve to know
How you should be touched
When you are to be touched
State your bargain
The best way to be touched

We must retaliate
Touch their senses
With your dampen voice
With your rusty pen
There is a better way to be touched
Not to cry
Not to moan
Not to hoosh hiish
We all want to rejoice
Lasting laughter from the touch
We want to enjoy it

Touch me truthfully, tenderly, positively and lovingly.

©Adeyemi Adebayo 2016

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Sickening Whining

Bama bombed pale
Zaki Biam populace got sacked
Those that knows truly knows
Zuckeberg snoozed at your cry
That is your conclusion
Global tubes look the other way
What did your mean media tell the world?
Always latching on political stories
Propaganda to gag and kill
Image slighting in trade
What did your mean media tell the world?
They trade accusations
Against enemies of pay masters
Your land an unlively brand
That is the way we packaged it
Zucker zooms at the cause
Franco megaphone to the world
It is also part of change
Display picture for display flag
Solidarity he choose
Application was not sent
Optional it was made
Clanging empty cymbals
They choose to vituperate
Shey shey shame
Sickening whining unnecessary
Not even needed at all
No one will brand you Africa
Except you choose to
Not even the sickening whinners
I choose to shun their shame
While on display like a game
The world got sick watching
Shey shey shame
To all the sickening whinners
©Adeyemi Adebayo

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Do they Think I am Crazy

My decision to pull through
Climbing the stairs from the base
Not so common in this age
I will vigorously give my all
Old school version they say
Since it is my mission
They all withdrew contribution

Do they think I am gasping out?
Gradual depletion of a beautiful vision
I know what He wisphered
Loud and clear when it was still
Croaky and loud when it was hush
I know I am not crazy
To my vision i stay true

No one would answer for me
I bear the brunts
Or I enjoy the accolades
To my mission I give all
Clearer than crystal
I can behold the end
Of course, I am on course.

©Adeyemi 2015


In the midst of plenty
We have unending paucity
Dearth of our resources
We surrender our surplus
Dripping of our expectations

Somehow the situation seems
Cabals are at work
While our government are asleep
High level of larceny
It is no longer at ease as it stands

They are stealing blind
They are stealing dry
We are watching them
Our leaders are helping them
Will our ocean stop flowing?

I ask again, will our ocean stop flowing?
Someone says, it can never
Another person says It will
Reeling out scientific chants
Categorically it will

A wake up call to a new nation
New course we have to cause
Changing not by chanting
Change that will be working
We need to be at ease

The way to go could be green
Haven’t we always been green?
Our heroes past did it with their grip on green
Cocoa stacks, groundnut pyramid and the likes
The way to go is not far

We were once there
We could still get there
May be beyond there
The ocean surge is our waterloo
To our leaders, let us not remain in the loo.

© #AMAS 2015



Give me some slack
No more attack
Could it be a mark?
I ask again
Is that the mark you want to make?

Tell tale here and there
People made them happen
It lives on after them
Not by greatness
It is a gaze on the success

Statute of liberty
A monument of pride and victory
Posturing and grandstanding on corruption
A monument of shame and failure
Obscurity of our hard won popularity

Effort not to desire
Since we are not tired
Monument not to bequeath
Legacy we don’t want to see
Never to be back in the doldrums

Collective interest becomes personal one
Open engagement becomes secret manipulation
Truth on the reverse gear
Planting fear on every heart
Solely for the heir of mismatch

They keep quiet when they should keep talking
They keep looking when they should keep observing
They keep sharing when they should be saving
They keep looting when they should be building
Gathering of dust, the monument erects.

Let it be echoed
Why will it be, some asked
No more will it be some wished
Was the marriage contracted in error
Time have told us enough

Monument turned to sacrament
The sacred cows celebrates
Sacrificial lambs they prosecute
Monuments of failure
Let it not pass integrity test

©#AMAS.  2015