John 8:32 And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. That Jesus came into the world to save men and some did not believe Him is something we have read from the scripture. His coming brought total liberation from the devil to all men, but only those that believe Him are the privilege few that have activated the working of the freedom from trouble. Being subservient to sin (trouble) is something I have received funny responses from people about. For instance, someone that is into heavy drinking will tell you that I just want to keep drinking, even though I know it is not good. You only know that something is not good can not set you free, but you need to know the freedom fighter that can liberate you totally from the yokes of sin, Jesus. Jesus is the Truth. I have never seen anyone that faithfully associate himself with Jesus and ended up a failure. Jesus is the first port of call if you want total liberation from oppression, failure, sickness, lack, strife, and all manners of evil. Seek Jesus today and get total liberation from troubled life without paying a dime. Yes, without paying a dime. God shall set you free from everything hindering you from wholly knowing the truth from now onward in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Do have a trouble free day. Good morning. Fell free to share this message with others.


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