The Kingdom Business 

​Bible Text 

Acts  6:4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

God’s consideration for giving assignment to people is not premised on fluency or look. Availability is the most important consideration. The apostles decided to remain focused by appointing men of good report to non spiritual aspect of the ministry work. 

If God has called you to serve in His vineyard, you  can not at the same time be given another assignment that will continue to distract you. Moses made himself available to view the burning bush and from there God opened channel of conversation with him. Forget about the tittle and other ephemerals and go for the mantle. 

Kingdom Business requires commitment and unwavering focus. As a shepered, it is very important that one does not get caught in the web of ephemerals. Care giving is very important, but it must not take the place of primary assignment of the shepered. Prayers and ministering the word of God must from time to time remain the primary foundation of the kingdom business. I pray that the Lord will keep you from being found wanting in your place of assignment in Jesus’ name.